Hello - welcome to my Website


I maintain this as a contact point for those who know me, used to know me or may come to know me in the future.


Also, there's the long-held belief that someone might just need my expertise at some point to help in a difficult business situation.  My company, DTCCS Limited is my vehicle for carrying out Financial Consultancy work.


Here are my contact details should you wish to get in touch.


email: davecalv@gmail.com


Phone:  01794-322715


Mobile:  07919-486123


Address:  1 Woodington Mill Cottages, Woodington Road, East Wellow, Hampshire, SO51 6DQ  - (which is located on the CPV factory site)


or via the Contacts Page on this website



It's always great to hear from old friends and acquaintances and to make new ones.

Here I am:

I'm the one in the middle....

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 12 June 2020




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